Tom Peter's Reimagine Summit group blog, December 2004

Friday, December 17, 2004

At Long Last

I've been wanting all week to post to this book of Genesis but Blogger would not let me in when I knocked -- accused me of a "blog invitation error." But Eric the Great came to my resue and now I'm in. Thanks Erik! And thanks to one and all for a fabulously fabulous weekend with the inimitable and peripatetic Tom Peters.

I am especially grateful for the opportunity Tom gave Marti Barletta (who is also remarkably inimitable and peripatetic) and me for the opportunity to present our views of the world. And Tom's right: women, boomers and geezers is where all the real action is.

By 2010, the 45-plus cohort will be outspending the 18-45 age group by a cool $1 trillion -- $2.6 versus $1.6 trillion. I'd say we're talking real money.
But we're also talking real challenges -- you can't rack up big sales figures without speaking to women, boomers and geezers in their language and in ways that reflect their values.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays to All,



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