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Friday, December 17, 2004

Those Saturday Night Champagne Glasses

On Sunday morning, after a fun two (rainy) days of the conference, the temperature dipped and the snow came. If the Equinox hotel and the town of Manchester, VT were beautiful even in the rain (and they were), it was heavenly in snow.

I had a room right over the bar ... don't ask! ... and had stayed up late, so when I pulled the curtains back to look down on the main courtyard to find snow, I was very groggy, much amused at the change of weather and basically thrilled. It was like cradling a new baby in white fleecy swaddling clothes in your arms! How fresh and sweet. Might give people the idea one CAN reimagine a new way of living, thinking, being.

As I walked down to the conference area, I noticed four wine glasses sitting on the banister of the porch left there from the night before. There had been a wedding taking place Saturday evening and this was the aftermath.

There was something funny and lovely about the glasses sitting there filling up with snow, despite having been left behind half full. They were refugees, Saturday Night Soldiers, from the wild soiree of twelve hours before and seemed unseemly in this quiet gorgeous Sunday morning Vermont snow. I wrote this about them.


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