Tom Peter's Reimagine Summit group blog, December 2004

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Wow! weekend (Picture enclosed)

Just got back into Chicago after a two hour flight delay in Albany. It was a great delay however, Marti was on the same flight so we spent nearly four hours comparing notes and learning more about each other and our businesses.

Having been a veteran of the summit a couple of years ago, I have to say this one had a completely different feel. I really felt that the group connected at a much deeper level, and the conversations I participated in were some of the most interesting I have had in years. What a great group of folks. As I sat on the bus last night heading back from the wonderful evening at Tom and Susan's, I listened to the voices around me, and there was an exciting energy.

Anyway, here is a post of our group picture. I will post the others, and put a link here shortly.

Great to meet you all. Halley...thanks for the blogspace!

Click on the thumbnail picture to access other sizes.

Manchester Summit


At December 13, 2004 at 4:49 AM, Blogger Halley said...

Bravo to see you all blogging!!!!

And you lucky rats -- to spend all that time together must have been fun as heck.

At December 13, 2004 at 10:17 AM, Blogger Jeff Levy said...

Great picture - Thanks for getting this up so quickly! Can't wait to get the link and download a print....


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