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Friday, December 17, 2004

Goofy Grin

I wrote this on Monday after my return from Vermont ...

OK, I made it back to West (by God, just ask Eric) Virginia around 1 AM via Chicago (hello Marti & Jordan). I had to get up early, skip the workout that usually wakes me up and rush to the office to meet a client. The client does not make it (good excuse of course) and I am still grinning, thinking now I have time to figure out how to put things on the blog.

I feel like I am in one of those Viagra commercials where everyone I pass today returns the smile and says things like: lose some weight Rob? – get a haircut? – buy some new clothes? So far, I just continue the goofy grin and just say no that’s not it.

I am not sure (yet) how to explain that what returned the smile to my face was spending most of a Friday being mishandled by the travel industry, being locked in a room with a bunch of brilliantly “bew-T-full” people for a couple of days, and being thoroughly beaten with the Re-imagine stick! (I’m not quite sure where to put that exclamation point)

Thank you all for putting the smile back on my face and a special thank you to Tom for providing the STICK.

Best wishes to you and yours as you leap.


At December 21, 2004 at 3:35 PM, Blogger Skip Lineberg said...

Rob, great blog post! You've described my feeling upon return, exactly. Looking forward to reading more of your observations.


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