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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

So, How Was the Tom Peters Summit?

Not unlike many of the participants at the recent Tom Peters' Re-Imagine Summit 2005, I have been asked by several inquisitive, caring friends, clients, family members and colleagues to describe the experience. Whoa ... tough one.

So how does one describe such a great and unique experience? It is, indeed, hard to articulate. It's difficult because of the trickiness in describing the mood, energy and feelings of an event--any event. But it's also difficult in the sense that I know that I have been changed. My view of the world has been changed. My brain is buzzing. I'm pumped full of optimism and confidence. Plus, because it's so recent, the tangible results of the experience are yet to unfold. (Fellow West Virginian and Summit participant Rob Godbey likened the feeling to being the main actor in one of those goofy Viagra TV commercials--and he's not too far off, actually.)

Last Friday, upon receiving the aforementioned question, I responded: "It was quite honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life."

Previously, in e-mail correspondence (where I'm usually far more articulate), I answered the question in part as follows:

How was the Tom Peters Summit? ...................... Oh WOW!

It's been extremely hard to articulate the experience of the Re-Imagine Summit in Manchester, Vermont. Here's my best attempt: a group of 35 with no cynicism, total openness and complete mutual respect. These folks were tops in their fields - authors, professors, technologists, consultants, military leaders, etc.

Tom Peters was so awesome. He was totally engaged, interested, open and approachable. Complete lack of ego. He and his wife had us all to their wonderfully cozy and charming farmhouse for dinner on Saturday night. The party was magical. If any aircraft had flown overhead they would undoubtedly have seen this tremendous tower of bright sparks emanating from the house--all the positive energy and respect.

In fact, with this whole crowd, there was not a trace of ego or conceit. Amazing!

Back to Tom, I had a chance to talk one-to-one with him about his style and manner as a speaker. He stressed that it's all about the customer (the audience). He talked about how important it is to be completely self-effacing. And he certainly back his belief up with his actions in the way he led the process. The agenda was very, very open. It was almost as if the topics didn't matter. He would entertain any question and permit any discussion at any time. It was about whatever we wanted to talk about. (Yet still relevant & extremely compelling.) How cool, huh?!!!!!

In closing for now, I extend a heartfelt thanks to all of the Summit participants. May your holidays be wondrous ... and your 2005 wondrous, too!


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